2018 Reimans HD / J Mac Metals Side Stage Rules 

A: 2018 Back Road Music Festival Side-Stage Contest

Start date

Round 1: June 11, 2018 – June 18, 2018 5:00pm CST

Those bands/artists who wish to enter the contest will submit their name for a poll on FaceBook where the public can go to vote for their favorite band/artist that they would like to see perform on the side-stage at BRMF 2018.  The three bands/artists with the highest amount of votes will continue on to round two of the contest.  There will also be an “other” option in addition to the added bands/artists.  If a voter mentions a band in the “other” option a BRMF official will contact the band to see if they are open & willing to play on the side stage. If they are they will be added to the poll. Example: if a band is submitted later on in the week voting totals from other tab will be included in total once on the poll. Individuals can vote once every 24 hours. 


Round 2: June 21, 2018 9:00am CST– June 28, 2018 5:00pm CST

Those three bands/artists who are the top vote getters of round 1 will submit a video of themselves (please email to thebackroadmusicfestival@gmail.com) Up to a 30 seconds introduction & then singing a full song; either an original or a cover song & submit to BRMF. After submission BRMF will review to ensure all criteria is met. If a response is not received within 48 hours of attempting contact, BRMF will disqualify the submission and choose the next successful submission. These bands will receive 3 pair of general admission tickets to use as promotional giveaways from their respective band pages urging people to share the video. Videos will be scheduled from your own band/artist official facebook page at 9:00am CST on June 21, 2018. Videos will be assessed and marked based on a set of criteria (noted below). 


Selection of 2 side stage performers:

Two bands will be officially named as the winners and side-stage performers at the Back Road Music Festival 2018 via multiple media sources. The winning selections will be based on the total amount of shares+reactions that the band/musician accumulates from the public on the original FaceBook video that is posted from the official band/artist facebook page during the allotted time frame.


  • The Back Road Music Festival reserves the right to withhold this opportunity from any winning band who does not follow rules and regulations or conducts itself in a manner that is not deemed appropriate for this public event.  All rights are reserved by the Back Road Music Festival.


Upon being selected, the winning bands/musicians will communicate in detail via telephone and email with BRMF staff to prepare for the festival day.


B: Prizes

- Two winners (bands or solo artists) will be chosen to play at the 2018 BRMF on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

- This Grand Prize Winner will play 1 30 minute sharp set at a time to be provided in advance of the festival date.  (Times subject to change) to the runner-up band upon completion of their set at BRMF2018.

- The winning bands/musicians will also receive:

- Complimentary general admission passes for the event & 6 complimentary general admission passes for use of friends.

- Parking passes for 2 vehicles near side stage (one spot if a solo artist) details to be advanced.

- This is a non-paying spot.

- The band will also benefit from several weeks of steady social media marketing that highlights the contest, its contestants, and ultimately its grand prize winner & runner-up. This contest will drive your sound and talents directly to the public.


C: General Band/Musician Contest Requirements 1. The two winning bands/artists must be capable of performing 1 x 30 minute set.  They must be available and on-site at BRMF at times advanced for soundcheck Saturday, August 11th, 2018.



1: Acceptable musical genres that BRMF is seeking include: Country, Rock-Country, Honky-Tonk, Alternative-Country, and Bluegrass. The festival gears towards high energy and performance enthusiasm. All Rights Reserved the 2018 Back Road Music Festival.

2: A maximum of six band members are permitted in a band/act. Alternates may be permitted on festival day with special permission from BRMF, however adding more band members after submitting the video and application is not permitted. 3:Bands/Aritists are considered as acts containing either several members or solo artists.

4: No false claims or misrepresentation of persons.

5: Bands/Artists are permitted to play original and cover songs by other established artists both on stage and in their video. Original songs must be specifically noted as such in the application. Cover songs must have the original artists identified & CANNOT BE ANY ARTSIST FROM THE 2018 BRMF.

6: Bands/Artists applying for the contest must not currently have a single charting in the top 50 on any charts. All other independently produced acts are welcome to apply with a poll submission.

7: Bands/Artists must not have an established and ongoing recording contract with a major label. Independent releases are acceptable. Please contact BRMF if you feel your label may be considered ineligible.

8: All band/artist members must sign a release form that grants BRMF staff certain rights to the use of the video content for marketing purposes (further information is listed below in the ‘Release’ section of this document).

9: Legal means must be used by bands to attract voters during the voting stages. State and Federal law dictates the limits on acceptable methods of solicitation of votes.

10: Bands must be available for interviews/on-air appearances with BRMF Radio Partners 94.9 WAAG & 102.5 WJRE.   BRMF reserves the right of approval, in writing, of any and all radio, television, newspaper and/or magazine interviews made in conjunction with the BRMF Reimans HD / J Mac Metals Side Stage during contest as well as after the winners are announced.

11: Any band member or person closely associated with a band member who is caught trying to hack and manipulate the voting in any way will have their band removed from the competition.


E: Responsibilities & Notes for the Winning Acts While Performing BRMF2018

1. All members of the band must be 18 years of age or older.

2. Acceptable public manners are required while bands/musicians are performing on stage. Bands/Artists must refrain from excessive cursing, obnoxious behavior, nudity, or topics that many

may find offensive.

3. Any band member or musician that appears to be heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing on stage will result in BRMF staff turning off the band’s power and sound immediately.

Their remaining privileges at BRMF will be completely revoked at the discretion of BRMF.

4. Bands/Musicians are permitted to play both original and cover songs by other established artists both on stage and in their video. Please note the original songwriter of your video within the video. Cover songs must have the original artists identified & CANNOT BE ANY ARTSIST FROM THE 2018 BRMF. All Rights Reserved Back Road Music Festival 2018.

5. The use of pyrotechnic displays and fog machines while playing on stage is not permitted.

6. BRMF production staff will provide the power, lighting and sound for the winning

band/artist while on stage.

7. The winning band/artist is welcome to sell merchandise inside the Side Stage Artist merchandise tent during performances and intermission time. BRMF staff or event volunteers will not be provided to assist with merchandise sales. Please provide your own seller. BRMF will not request a percentage of the sales go to them, however they will require a total sales #. Cash only sales are recommended.

8. The winning band/artist will provide a full set-list for the songs they will plan on stage, to BRMF two weeks prior to August 11th, 2018. The sooner this can be received by BRMF the better to ensure both winning bands are not duplicating song performances.

9. No background music or pre-recorded music is permitted when performing on stage. Contact us directly if you have further questions regarding this issue.

10. Winning bands/musicians must agree to work with BRMF production staff during the set up and take down of your stage arrangements. BRMF production staff reserve the right to set up and take down the set (in conjunction with the performers) in a way that best suits BRMF and BRMF production staff.

11. BRMF is not responsible for transporting winning bands/musicians to or from BRMF2018, however assistance will be provided by BRMF staff to help the winning band move their equipment back and forth to the Reimans Harley Davidson/J Mac Metals Side-stage from their vehicles.

12. BRMF reserves the right to turn off the performers’ sound while onstage if the act is deemed to be not following BRMF regulations. Also if they do not abide by the times listed for them to perform day of the festival.  There is a very strict timeline that will be followed.

13. The prizes outlined previously for winners have no redeemable cash value and cannot be exchanged or transferred.

14. BRMF is not responsible for any personal injury that might occur to winning bands/acts while playing on stage or during setting up or taking down of sets and equipment.


F: Video Submission Requirements

1. Video and song submitted must not surpass 5 minutes in length. All Rights Reserved Back Road Music Festival 2018.

2. Acceptable video submissions will be set as a link to a video of your band from the back road Facebook page. The video must be original, include all band members, and must be performed by the band. The song itself can be a cover song.

3. Video submissions will be evaluated by BRMF committee members to determine all rules/regulations are followed in creation of the video.

4. Video submissions must not show any recognizable logos of any kind, except for logos that specifically reference the band/artist and were created by the band/musician or by associated partners. BRMF suggests blurring any non-associated logos in your video before submitting.

5. Acceptable public manners are required in the video. Please refrain from cursing, obnoxious behaviur, nudity, offensive topics, or substance abuse, in order to be seriously considered as a finalist.

6. Bands/Artists must grant BRMF the release to use their submitted video link for any future marketing-associated purposes performed by BRMF. BRMF will not pass the video rights to any third party without the consent of the submitting band/artist.

7. The use of background music in your video is not recommended.

8. There is no fee to enter a band/artist in the contest.

9. Bands/musicians are only permitted to submit one video with their application into the contest.

10. In the event of a tie in round 2, a random tie breaker will be set in place.  Tie breaker is a 60 second video submitted to BRMF. BRMF will post each separately at the same time.  Band/Aritsts are responsible to share with their fans.  Band/Artist with most shares+reactions in a 24 hour period will be the winner.  If a tie remains after comparing scores, a random draw will determine the winner.

11. During the application process in round 1, as well as the voting period in round 2, the use of any automated system including robotic or form filling software to enter or participate in this contest is prohibited and will result in the disqualification of entries by any band using such assistance.

12. Any associated artwork within the video must be original and not infringe on the work, rights and copyrights of other artists.

13. Submission of a video during Round 1 of the contest does not guarantee a spot in either Round 2 or Round 3 of the contest.


G: Main Stage Performer approval of side stage acts.      

1: Main stage artists must approve all winners of this contest.  If a winner is not approved by an artist on the main stage, the BRMF has the right to select the next Band/Artist on the list from votes.


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